Live Entertainment Saturday, July 29, 2017



Midlife Crisis was formed in Streetsboro, Ohio in the summer of 2000. They played their first show within 3 weeks of forming. 16 years later, after many line up changes, they are still here playing classic rock and blues.

The current lineup features Tommy Harvey on bass and vocals. Tommy brings a strong funk and blues background, which meshes well with founding members Darryl Ritchey on drums, and Daryl Williams on lead guitar and vocals. The result is a very versatile, very full sounding power trio.

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Terry Lee Goffee, The “Ultimate” Johnny Cash

He looks like Johnny, he sounds like Johnny. Nobody does Cash like Terry Lee Goffee!

In the spring of 1955 Johnny Cash walked into the legendary Sun Recording Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. The music world was never the same. Not long afterward, I put my first Johnny Cash record on a turntable and my world was never the same.

This “Tribute” sprang from my appreciation and love, not only for the music of Johnny Cash, but for the man himself. A champion of the underdog, a voice for those who often have none, an “outlaw” before it became fashionable. If you come away from this presentation with a better understanding of who Johnny Cash is, I will have succeeded in my vision for this endeavor.

Enjoy the ride. Terry Lee Goffee

Terry Lee can be seen regularly on RFD-TV

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